When Ordinary is Also Extraordinary

Encountering the Father Together

God had spoken. He’d brought to mind some words He wanted to share with the missionary in front of me. He wanted to use my mouth to do it. And I straight up didn’t want to repeat what He said. It was one of our first days in Germany and we were praying over a […]

God’s Unfolding Something Glorious In Your Life

All I had was a cutting board of veggies, a three-month lease, and an iPod playing music in the other room. No job, no interview, no plan, no direction, no internet, no community, no church… Just me, a Southern transplant who moved to Minnesota in the dead of winter. And Jesus, who knew more intimately what […]

Does Prayerful Healing Actually Happen?

discipleship resources for young adult women

To say that it had been a long day would be an understatement. I was going through some training where they fire hosed us with information all weekend long. By Saturday night, my brain was overloaded. Let’s add some seasonal allergies and a throbbing headache to the mix. I was fried. Useless. Worthless. The responsible […]

You’re Not Guilty Anymore

Ryan Moreno

France and Germany are two countries with a long history of wars fought between them. Border cities have changed hands almost as many times as the United States has changed presidents. During our time in Germany, we sung a song over France. We blessed France–as a country walking through a tragic explosion the day before […]

I Dare You to Be Happy

Happiness Dare cover

It’d been a long day. I needed new shoes so I told Dad what I was looking for and together we traveled to every shoe store in the city looking for a pair of shoes that fit my description. Late in the afternoon, we were at one of our last stops and I put on […]

Sharing Jesus Out of Obligation & How to Avoid It


I sat on the airplane frantically searching my brain for conversations starters to use with this stranger sitting next to me for the next several hours. If we shared an armrest, surely it was fair to also share names, reasons for travel, and professions. Yet the words wouldn’t seem to come. Because I knew the […]

Who Do You Need God To Be?

Unsplash Alisa Anton

It started out as a hug and ended with tears streaming down both of our faces, both of our hearts open on the table as we cuddled together on the couch. No questions were off-limits so I went for a hard one: What do you call God? “Father,” she answered. “It’s who I need Him to […]

Never Met a Father

Never Met a Father

When I first heard this song, I didn’t care for it. I’ve met plenty of fathers who love well. Plenty of fathers who represent The Father’s love well. Plenty of fathers who love their children well even through the roughest storms of life. “Never Met a Father” by Bread and Wine (YouTube link) Yet the […]

Does Your Relationship with God Look Different Than It Did?

Camila Cordiero

My pastor asked a great question I’m still chewing on: Does your relationship with God look different than it did when you first met Him? Does it look different than it did last week? Different than it did yesterday? If it does, that’s evidence of growth. Celebrate that! Celebrate the new territory He’s walking you […]

My Three Favorite Recent Reads

Unsplash Joao Silas

For me, a quiet time is rarely complete without some reading. I consider a book a good one when I have to put it down and go talk to Jesus about something I just read, when one of the stories (or quotes) sticks with me beyond when I walk away, or if I grew from reading […]