Have Hope; Will Travel

with Katie Axelson

{26} National Coming Out Day [Karen Fig]

This episode of Have Hope; Will Travel is especially tender. Because Karen Fig isn’t just a member of the LGBTQ+ community. She’s a close friend. Like Karen has checked my head for lice. One time we shared a bed and only one of us got bedbugs. She’s involved in some of the stories I shared […]

{25} Motherhood in ADHD [Patricia Sung]

October is ADHD Awareness Month, so we’re kicking it off hearing from Patricia Sung about how being diagnosed with ADHD as an adult impacted her life.

{24} Sometimes It’s Hard to Worship

For better or for worse, church right now cannot look like what it has looked like in the past. As it turns out, buildings and large gatherings aren’t required to worship.

{23} Evangelism Led by a Non-Christian [Casey Manko]

At Have Hope; Will Travel podcast we believe in getting to know people who think, live, and believe things that are different than we do. The world becomes a smaller place when we get to know others and can have open conversations. This week I interviewed a good friend of mine who isn’t a Christian […]

{22} Sowing in Tears: Grief and Redemption [Heather Enright]

One of the challenges of becoming an adult is learning to navigate our relationship with our parents now that we’re all adults. In this episode, Heather Enright shares about redemption of the hard element of her transition to adulthood, how she loves her adult kids well (spoiler alert: care packages for the win!), and the […]

{21} Loving Singles Well [Thoughts from a Single]

My insurance company said something rude to me about my singleness. So I started a highly-scientific Instagram poll to prove them wrong. And prove them wrong I did. But I also opened a huge can of worms about singleness. If you’re single, you get this. If you’re not, let me tell you: singleness hurts. It’s […]

{20} Admitting It’s Ok Not to Be Ok [Emily Gallimore]

This episode was recorded prior to the pandemic back when we could travel. But as I listen to it again, I’m amazed at how timely the message is for today. It’s as if God knew what we’d need a few months before we needed it. As it turns out, grief is not just the death […]

Made Entirely New

In this episode of the Have Hope; Will Travel podcast we talk about what it looks like for God to make us new, to entrust to us the ministry of reconciliation, and to be ambassadors in our world.

The Church and Mental Health with Therapist Anne Rulo

Anne is a author, speaker, coaching wife, and licensed therapist who is passionate about the intersection of faith and mental health. Come let her escort you into the presence of Jesus.

COVID from Nurse Practitioner Dr. Brie Thomas

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