Have Hope; Will Travel

with Katie Axelson

{21} Loving Singles Well [Thoughts from a Single]

My insurance company said something rude to me about my singleness. So I started a highly-scientific Instagram poll to prove them wrong. And prove them wrong I did. But I also opened a huge can of worms about singleness. If you’re single, you get this. If you’re not, let me tell you: singleness hurts. It’s […]

{20} Admitting It’s Ok Not to Be Ok With Emily Gallimore

This episode was recorded prior to the pandemic back when we could travel. But as I listen to it again, I’m amazed at how timely the message is for today. It’s as if God knew what we’d need a few months before we needed it. As it turns out, grief is not just the death […]

Made Entirely New

In this episode of the Have Hope; Will Travel podcast we talk about what it looks like for God to make us new, to entrust to us the ministry of reconciliation, and to be ambassadors in our world.

The Church and Mental Health with Therapist Anne Rulo

Anne is a author, speaker, coaching wife, and licensed therapist who is passionate about the intersection of faith and mental health. Come let her escort you into the presence of Jesus.

COVID from Nurse Practitioner Dr. Brie Thomas

Meet Dr. Brie Thomas as she shares about what a Family Nurse Practitioner does and how COVID-19 has changed her world.

{16} Jamie Lee Shares Her Story As a Single Mom

Jamie Lee

Let’s hear the story of a single mom and how we can love her and her son well.

Let’s Talk about Race with Haley Lowe

Haley Lowe {15}

It’s uncomfortable to talk about race, but it’s an important conversation. White people are supposed to enter the conversation about race–but to do so as learners. So today let’s learn from Haley Lowe as she shares her heart, her story, and her advice. Listen to this episode of Have Hope; Will Travel on iTunes, Spotify, […]

Exploring Ramadan With Farah

Have Hope; Will Travel journeys to Jordan to learn about Ramadan and Islamic culture from Farah.

When Monday Looks Like Saturday

We know the victory of Easter Sunday. We know the suffering of Good Friday. But about the life between the mountain tops and valleys: Saturday.

{12} Prayer for a Pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are all learning to pivot. Celebrate with us the beauty we’re seeing and join us in prayer over the hard.