When God’s People Speak Out


“I have to write my testimony,” she said giving me a gag face. I get it. I really do. Like me, she comes from a typical family with happily married parents who thought it was important to raise their children in church. Like me, Jesus was just as integral to her childhood as peanut butter […]

Wacky Wednesday–April 2015

Allison: The song’s “Rocketman” by Elton Somebody. Marty: I’ve dated two Jewish girls. Does that make me half Jewish? Eli: Name big cities in Wisconsin. Katie: Milwaukee? Eli: Yeah, that one! Karen: There’s a lot of romantic 80s rap. Taylor: What kind of nerd are you? Kayla: I just said “See you Sinday.” Awkward. Amber: […]

Having the Faith to Imagine

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I first noticed it when Dad and I were putting up the Christmas lights, a few short days after I’d been back in the country. It’s an activity we do together every season and that year was no different. Like every year previous, I could imagine our house completely covered in the colors of the […]

A New Special Someone in My Life

Every day was hard. It was in Bolivia (Month Three) when I stared to feel like an American slave scrubbing blood off cement walls, battling the altitude to walk, and investing in boys who didn’t know how to receive love. Every day we invested in them whether they’d receive it or not. Futbol. Dance parties. […]

I’m a Fraud

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I’m pretty sure any second now you guys are going to figure out I’m a fraud. Here’s what happened: I—a toe-dipper—cannonballed into a charismatic pool and have spent the last two years trying to get used to the temperature of the water while frantically searching for the ladder out.

What if [We Live Like] the Holy Spirit Is Real?

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There was once a plumber with a last name for a first name and a last name that sounds like a kids’ tv show. But he was a real man who loved the Lord with a deep passion. He and the Lord were so intimately acquainted that they talked together throughout the day. The man […]

If Jesus Only Came to Die…


I wonder if Jesus would be a better Savior if He stayed a baby. Wait, don’t leave yet. I promise I’m not crazy. Babies are appealing. If you disagree, you’ve never seen a group of missionaries walk into an orphanage. We flock the little ones. It’s like life is better when you’re afraid of being […]

Jesus Didn’t Die on the Cross for You

What if Jesus didn’t die on the cross for you? I know it’s Holy Week. We’re spending all week remembering, acknowledging, and celebrating the sacrifices Jesus made on the cross. But it wasn’t just for you. It wasn’t just for me. It wasn’t just because of us. Yes, His death and resurrection mean we’re given […]

When Failure Seems Inevitable

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A grand piano has been staring me down for the last three days. Every time I walk past, I hear its silent calling. But then I remember I’m in a house full of musicians. My one song will not be impressive. After three days, I couldn’t resist the temptation any longer. I chose my audience […]

Finding Him in the Great Unknown


It’s a song I’ve sung over many borders. It’s a prayer I’ve prayed over many difficult moments. It’s a yearning I’ve felt in many languages. And on Friday night I let it ring from my heart again this time in a crowd of church members embarking on a powerful weekend.