What if Halloween Is the Best Day of the Year?


Growing up we were sure Halloween was our dog’s favorite day of the year. When else did people ring the doorbell repeatedly just to come see her? They’d come, she’d get a bone, they’d leave. More would come, she wanted another bone, they’d leave. This is how Trick-or-Treat went for us every year. Looking back now, […]

How to Make a Difference in Your City

encountering the father together

The view was spectacular. From the balcony of the mansion we could see three different countries: Germany, France, and Switzerland. From the balcony of the mansion we prayed for each country, we blessed each country, and we declared God’s truth over each country. Then we spent the next week visiting those three countries—as missionaries living […]

The Only Way to Make America Great


I don’t feel called to live abroad as a long-term missionary. It’s a desire I’ve asked God for on more than one occasion. It’s a call I’ve explored and wanted. But it’s an invitation I do not carry. At least not now. But given the current state of my nation, I so badly want to […]

Why I Hate Grace

encountering the Father together

I smiled as I washed my hands and saw a small child’s scribbles on the church bulletin sitting on the bathroom counter. It said: Dada loves loves loves loves loves loves loves loves loves Gracie.” I’m sure that little one just wrote those words to keep herself entertained in adult church. But God left them on […]

Will You Be Proud of Me?


We sat in his office—me balling my eyes out, him encouraging, pastoring, and gently correcting me. I desperately needed it. I felt like my whole life was out of whack. He was assuring me I wasn’t alone, I wasn’t broken, and I wasn’t a lost cause. Katie, have you ever heard the story about my […]

Why Do We Keep Living in Fear?

encountering the Father together

Maybe it’s just me but my Facebook feed is filled with baby pictures right now. Seems like all my friends decided to have babies at exactly the same time. I guess I am at that age. But one thing I can’t help but notice is how highly the new parents speak of their children. He’s […]

Fear Isn’t a Hero

encountering the Father together

I hate fear. Hate it. Loathe it. It’s too big for its britches. It’s arrogant and cocky. It thinks it can just rule the world. It’s been trying so hard this last week. I spent my evenings having one-on-one time with friends at pivotal points in their lives. Every night I had another friend looking […]

What Would You Do If You Weren’t Afraid?


I’ve been asking myself this question a lot lately: What would I do if I wasn’t afraid? I’d do a Facebook Live about my trip to Europe. I’d post blogs about how God heals through prayer. I’d go to seminary. When I went to China, my biggest fear was getting yelled at in some language […]

When Your Busy Life Becomes Interruptible

Encounter the Father together

You know that feeling an introvert gets when she’s been with people too long? I’m assuming it’s the same for an extrovert who’s been alone too long. Well, that’s where I’ve been living for the last few days: on the brink of burnout, overwhelmed, and desperate for some time to “turn off.” It’s my own […]

When Ordinary is Also Extraordinary

Encountering the Father Together

God had spoken. He’d brought to mind some words He wanted to share with the missionary in front of me. He wanted to use my mouth to do it. And I straight up didn’t want to repeat what He said. It was one of our first days in Germany and we were praying over a […]