When Sharing the Gospel Doesn’t Go Well

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Oh no here it comes. That prompting that has to be from the Holy Spirit because there’s no way you would have the idea to share the Gospel with your airplane seat buddy on your own. You freeze. And inside your head you start to argue with God. Because let’s be real, your seat buddy doesn’t seem like she wants to learn about Him right now anyway.

When Thank You Isn’t the Right Response


From our very first day in the Dominican Republic, it was clear we weren’t in Puerto Rico anymore. When I think about the Dominican, I think about showering in a waterfall. I think about army-crawling my way up my tent multiple times each night. I think about the beautiful family we were blessed to serve […]

How to Pick a Lenten Project

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Lent. An annual opportunity to deny yourself, to fast, to practice self-control. The tradition of giving something up for Lent come from Jesus’ 40 days of fasting in the desert. It’s a chance to be like Jesus and also a chance to draw closer to Him.

Wacky Wednesday–IF Gathering Edition


The first Wednesday of every month we gather ridiculous quotes and share them for a good chuckle. Well, it’s the second Wednesday so I decided we should share some of the ridiculously profound things I got to hear at the IF:Gathering last week. Hope you don’t mind. Hope you’re challenged. Hope you encounter Jesus–I did. Jen […]

Three Tips for Building Open Communication

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It’s shocking the number conflicts that could be resolved simply with clearer communication. You said one thing. I heard another. I thought this. You understood another. And now we’re both mad and we think it’s the other person’s fault. Except we both messed up. This whole situation could have been cleared up easily if we had been open and clear rather than assuming.

Wacky Wednesday–January 2015


Every month we celebrate the ridiculous and ridiculously profound things heard in real conversations or stumbled across in books.

How to Be the Person Who Stays

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What does it really mean to be a shoulder to cry on or to walk through a hard season with someone else? If we’re bad at sharing our hearts, maybe it’s because we don’t know what to do with others’ vulnerability.

Why it’s Hard to be Vulnerable in the American Church

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I asked a hard question and received an honest answer—followed quickly by an apology for complaining. Except it wasn’t complaining. It was being transparent about the situation. It was being vulnerable in her emotions and feelings. The American Christians always get a bad rep because supposedly everyone is filled with façade rather than being honest. But […]

How to Build Intentional Relationships


Last week I was in Georgia with a bunch of friends from the World Race. We were at a family reunion of sorts where we spent a lot of time debriefing and processing the last year and the coming season. There does seem to be one general consensus: community is hard to find in America. […]

How to Live Busy But Not Hurried

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We’re only twelve days in and already my 2015 has been a whirl-win. It’s not going to slow down anytime soon. Sleeping in eight different states this month. Four trips to the Atlanta airport in eight days (I don’t even live in Georgia). Speaking at two churches. Eating out with a different crowd almost every […]