Wacky Wednesday–September 2015


Every month we celebrate the wacky things people actually say and the words that challenge us to live differently. Laughter is a powerful thing. I hope you find some here today.

When You Pass-by Something Good for Something Great

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I almost missed my flight. I don’t really know how it happened. It could have been that the boarding door was misleadingly far away from the counter. It could have been that the sign said “Indianapolis” instead of “Minneapolis.” It could have been that I just wasn’t paying attention. It wasn’t until the “Last and […]

The Power of Creating a Routine of Rest


There were a list of things I wanted to get done. I had unrealistic goals and needed to start cranking through them to get as much accomplished as I could. Except I couldn’t. Things kept getting in my way. The internet was down. The roommates talkative. The battery dead. The project wasn’t doing itself. Instagram […]

What If I Go Unnoticed?

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As soon as I walked into the church sanctuary I felt sad. I don’t know why. Maybe it was that I was going to worship alone. Again. Maybe it was that I had to work all afternoon. Again. Maybe it was that I was thinking about other churches struggling. Maybe it was that I was […]

Wacky Wednesday–August 2015


Katie: Ok, I’m going to take a nap, make dinner, then go to work. Leah: Like a normal person. Peter Haas: [R]ebllion is usually the child’s way of saying ‘Your love isn’t translating into my language; therefore, all I see is oppressiveness.’” Mom: Are you still there? Are you ok? It sounded like there was […]

What to do When Hard Seasons Hit

when hard seasons hit

There’s no way to avoid hard seasons. They happen. But we can control how we respond and how deeply we rely on God as He walks us through them.

Wacky Wednesday–July 2015

Mickey: Don’t look down. There’s a badge behind us. Angie Smith: David wasn’t a man after God’s own heart because he never sinned but because he kept coming back. Jett: I’m one of the louder people I know and my husband always asks me to repeat stuff cuz he can’t hear me. I think it’s […]

Was It The Best Year Yet?


A few weeks ago I texted a friend to wish him a happy birthday. He thanked me and said it was the best year yet but he was looking forward to the coming one. Knowing my birthday was right around the corner, I’ve been pondering what a year would have to look like to be […]

When the Only Choice is Vulnerability

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She shared from a place in her heart that you could tell had been rejected before. In her hesitancy, you could tell she was curious how we would respond. With every word she was testing the waters. And we must have passed the test because it all came out. Her fears. Her concerns. Her life. Her dreams. […]

Wacky Wednesday: June 2015


Author’s Note: On the first Wednesday of each month we celebrate the ridiculous and ridiculously profound things heard in everyday conversation. Sorry I’ve been a slacker collecting quotes. – Katie Kathryn: Following Jesus is usually the easier choice. Katie: I beg to differ: the World Race. Pete Wilson: The worst failure is not to sink […]