When Peace Feels Impossible

discipleship resources for young adult women

I’m beginning to understand why Jovi in the movie Elf says she’s “just trying to get through the holidays.” Here’s the thing: I work retail. And ministry. And I’m in grad school. In December, all three of my worlds get stressful. Add to that, the Christmas shopping, the card mailing, the family visiting, and the […]

What Does it Look Like To Dwell in Peace?

discipleship resources for young adult women

You know that feeling when you put too much food in your mouth and now you have to somehow find a way to get it to your stomach without choking? Yeah, that’s kind of where I’m living right now. I’m a full-time seminary student with the equivalent of three part-time jobs. Needless to say, life’s […]

What It Looks Like to Have Immanuel With You

discipleship resources for young adult women

I messed up. I made a mistake that cost my company money. When a coworker pointed it out to me, I felt terrible. It was a stupid mistake. I knew better. I wasn’t thinking, was going too fast, and wasn’t paying close enough attention. The whole thing was silly and I felt terrible because of […]

How to Help a Hurting World

discipleship resources for young adult women

The world is hurting. We saw evidence of it all last week. Protesters on freeways and inhumane behavior in coffee shops. Disrespect and distress. We’ve been seeing evidence of it for months. Years. Decades. Generations. This is not ok. And as Christians we don’t know exactly how to respond. We say “God is in control.” […]

How to Respect Someone Even When You Disagree

discipleship for young adult women

They say you shouldn’t talk politics. So I won’t. But I did. Last week I called two friends who sit on different sides of the political aisle. An attorney and a soldier. A Republican and a Democrat. Both females in a male-dominated career. Each one loves Jesus, loves this country, and loves me. Individually I […]

Who Is My Neighbor?

discipleship for young adult women

Our first (and only) Sunday in Germany, we wanted to go to the Lutheran church. After all, when in Germany, right? When we looked up the time and details for the service we were hit with some unexpected news: we couldn’t go to church at the Lutheran church. We had to go to the Catholic […]

What if Halloween Is the Best Day of the Year?

Growing up we were sure Halloween was our dog’s favorite day of the year. When else did people ring the doorbell repeatedly just to come see her? They’d come, she’d get a bone, they’d leave. More would come, she wanted another bone, they’d leave. This is how Trick-or-Treat went for us every year. Looking back now, […]

How to Make a Difference in Your City

encountering the father together

The view was spectacular. From the balcony of the mansion we could see three different countries: Germany, France, and Switzerland. From the balcony of the mansion we prayed for each country, we blessed each country, and we declared God’s truth over each country. Then we spent the next week visiting those three countries—as missionaries living […]

The Only Way to Make America Great

I don’t feel called to live abroad as a long-term missionary. It’s a desire I’ve asked God for on more than one occasion. It’s a call I’ve explored and wanted. But it’s an invitation I do not carry. At least not now. But given the current state of my nation, I so badly want to […]

Why I Hate Grace

encountering the Father together

I smiled as I washed my hands and saw a small child’s scribbles on the church bulletin sitting on the bathroom counter. It said: Dada loves loves loves loves loves loves loves loves loves Gracie.” I’m sure that little one just wrote those words to keep herself entertained in adult church. But God left them on […]