Have Hope; Will Travel

with Katie Axelson

{24} Sometimes It’s Hard to Worship

Is it just me or has 2020 felt like an attack on worship?

This looks different and it’s really easy to pull the victim card because we can’t do what we’re used to doing.

For better or for worse, church right now cannot look like what it has looked like in the past.

But the coronavirus cannot stop us from worshipping the God worthy of our worship.

Christians actually didn’t even gather in church buildings until the time of Constantine (300 AD).

So even though we’re used to big gathering in buildings, that’s not the only way to encounter God.

I’m not going to pretend worship is always easy. But worship is always the instructions we have. We are called to worship God in every season. Not just when we can go to church. Not just when it’s easy.

What does that look like in 2020?

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If you’re struggling to stare at a screen yet again to worship this week or you’re unable to join a local community of believers, be sure to check out the new Resources page for some creative solutions.

Scripture says Holy Spirit intercedes for you, my friend.

Rest assured, that even when you don’t know how to pray, when you don’t know how to worship, and when you don’t know how to put into words anything… God can handle that.

How are you worshipping in this season?

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