Everyday Jesus

I was sitting at the kitchen counter pitting an avocado when the knife slipped. You know how this story ends. I felt the blade caress my hand and saw pieces of green and brown flying everywhere before me.

I thought to myself, “Stitches seem to fit this hard season of life I’m in.” I was already thinking about who to call to drive me to the hospital.

When the moment passed and the chaos stopped, I paused to access the damage. Well, the pit was out. It’d bounced across my counter.

There was a perfect slice running all the way through the avocado. I expected there to be a matching one running through the palm of my left hand.

I knew it had to be bad.

Find the rest of the story at the post I did for Carried Away Ministries. It’s a good one of God’s faithfulness and His unfailing love.

Here’s the link.

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