When Peace Feels Impossible

I’m beginning to understand why Jovi in the movie Elf says she’s “just trying to get through the holidays.”

Here’s the thing: I work retail. And ministry. And I’m in grad school.

In December, all three of my worlds get stressful.

Add to that, the Christmas shopping, the card mailing, the family visiting, and the cold weathering… phew!

Wake me up when it’s over.

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All of the bloggers I read are talking about simplifying Christmas, find rest in chaos, remembering the reason for the season, and seeking out quiet in all of the noise.

It’s safe to say we as an American Christmas culture are exhausted.

I heard that 45 percent of adults in the States dread Christmas.

Guys, we’re clearly doing something wrong!

Myself included.

It Starts with Me

I have to be honest, I’m in a bit of a mess.

Ok, not just “a bit” of a mess.

A big mess.

A huge mess.

Most of it wasn’t my fault.

There’s very little I could have done differently.

It’s hurt me deeply and left others in very uncomfortable positions.

The outcome has not been beneficial for anyone.

Both sides are using words like “heartbreaking” and “devastating.”

It’s awful.

It’s an awful way to end 2016—the year that was supposed to be the year of “peace.”

Peace is what maybe comes in between the spontaneous crying.

Peace is what I long for, not the reality I’m living in.

I think the Prince of Peace must have gotten distracted when He was outlining my December because I don’t think He’s here with me.

Or at least that’s what the enemy wants me to believe.

It’s Not True

The Prince of Peace is still here with me.

God is still on the throne.

He is still in control.

Jesus is still the Savior. The Messiah. The long awaited one.

God will still come through.

Even in my mess. Even in my chaos. Even in my world.

Same is true for you, my friend.

Even in your mess, your chaos, and your world, God is still faithful. He’s still trustworthy. He’s still with you.

I know He’s hard to see.

Believe me. I get it.

But just because you can’t see Him doesn’t mean He’s not here.

Here’s here. Right beside you.

Advent Activity

Spend a few minutes in prayer.

Instead of asking God for something—praise Him for something.

Praise Him for who He is.

Praise Him for sending His Son.

Praise Him for the mess of a situation you’re in—because He’s here with you.

Even if it’s through gritted teeth, find the strength to praise Him.

When is it hard for you to remember Jesus is in the mess with you? Share your encouragement with me.

If you’re still struggling to find hope, let me hand it to you in a little ebook called Dare to Hope. I’ll send it to you for free.

These are the scriptures, truths, and promises I’m leaning on in the midst of my mess.