I decided to try something different for Advent this year. Emily said it was a good idea so if you love it, make sure you tell her. (Same rules for if you don’t love it).

No, I’m not linking to the China vlogs. Sorry.

How are you celebrating the first week of Advent?

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  • John Morgan

    Love it. Even though humans communicate so much more face to face, a video is way better than text :)

    • http://KatieAxelson.com/ Katie Axelson


  • http://theinnerharborblog.com/ Emily Gallimore

    I love it!! The truth of the message AND seeing your face this morning! :)

    • http://KatieAxelson.com/ Katie Axelson

      Thanks for the push to do it!

  • Melissa Kay

    This is a wonderful idea Katie!!! It’s awesome to see your face be animated and your personality shine through in this way.
    (We have actually never met but I stumbled upon your blog a few months ago and have enjoyed seeing the journey leading up to the world race u fold and reading your other blogs as well.)

    Side note… It’s kind of hard to see you in the dim lighting (tree is gorgeous though) maybe next week your face could have some more light on it?

    I’m looking forward to the stories and vlogs to come!!:)

    • http://KatieAxelson.com/ Katie Axelson

      Thanks, Melissa!
      I was worried about the light so I’m glad you said that. I’ll try something different for next week.

  • Kevin Graybeal

    1. Vlog=yes please!
    2. Bringing back the crazy from your past vlogging experience is a good idea.
    3. Our savior came! Thanks for the reminder to use this months story to share the rest of our story :)

    • http://KatieAxelson.com/ Katie Axelson

      Thanks, Kevin, glad you like them.

  • Melissa Leon

    Pretty sparkly tree! The video blog was unexpected, but cool!

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