Wacky Wednesday-April 2014

From Katie: The following are ridiculous and ridiculously profound quotes collected throughout the month of April.

Allie: Ooh, we could use this firewood.
Katie: I think that’s someone’s fence.

Priscilla Shirer: When you’ve concluded that what you already have on hand is enough, that it’s adequate—that it’s been deemed by God as sufficient—then you’re equipped and empowered to participate fully in the tasks set before you during this season of life.

Katie: That was the biggest communion cup I’ve ever had. It was like a shot glass. I couldn’t figure out if I should slam it or sip it.

Ana: Wait. I have to get the pepper out of my pants.


Priscilla Shirer: You are a holy vessel of God, set aside for specific times when the uniqueness you offer can be fully used and valued.

Pappy: You guys call me coach but my job isn’t to coach. It’s to corrupt. To bring freedom through corruption like alcohol and cigars.

Allie: When you said “brownie,” it made me hungry for one.
Schuylar: You could have the ice cream in the freezer.
Ana: She’s fasting.
Schuylar: Dang it! I’m like Satan. That’s the second time I’ve done that.

Jack: She’s too old and evil to do the World Race so she’s living precariously through Katie.

Ana: Are you speaking English or Spanish?

Bri: It looks like Ana’s got two black eyes.
Sabrina: Did you just say “It looks like Ana’s got two black guys?”
Ana: I wish!

Harriet: Am I the only virgin on this team? Wait. Backwards.

Bri: Should we take one?
Katie: Maybe we shouldn’t steal from the field we’re trespassing in.

Allie: Chansis Fran studied the Holy Spirit before writing Forgotten God.

(watch the Bac-Os commercial on YouTube)

Priscilla Shirer: You can trust that He has planted you right now in the place where you will be the most personally productive.

Jaide: Casey, quit micro-managing the candy!
Casey: Why? It’s my only job.

Allie:  Is S-P-E-A-C-K-I-N-G a word?
Bri: Maybe it’s British.
Ana: No, it’s still speacking. It must be German.

Pastor: God says, “I know Ana. I know Bri. I know Allie. I know that sister whose name I forgot.”

Rhoda: Peace will be experienced in your home to the extent that grace is extended there. (qtd The Resolution for Women by Priscilla Shirer)

Sandra: It’s not racist if I say it against myself.

Allie: If you’re cold, come touch my sunburned stomach.
Ana: I’m coming. My nose is cold.
Allie: I was afraid your nose ring was going to get stuck in my belly button.

Laura: You know my favorite tweezers? Well, they’re now my favorite chopsticks.

Sandra: Pastors connect with God much extra more.

Ana: Who was that missionary who died in a pot?
Allie: Hansel and Gretel.
Ana: I don’t know what that is.

Christine: Concentration doesn’t really help with personal hygiene. You can’t really “stock up” on clean.

kiss the cuy

Priscilla Shirer: When we consecrate and commit our gifts to Him in this current phase of life, we’ll see that He will empower us to use them in a way that will yield honor and glory to Himself.

Ana: I wanted to touch you so you’d feel loved so I punched you.

Sandra: Should I get dollars or Peruvians? Peruvian souls.

Harriet: I should never do commercials.
Yolanda: Isn’t that what your degree is in?

Greg: Don’t take it to God.

Allie: The battery on my mirror is dead. Can I borrow yours?

Louie Giglio: Every wrong that we have done and every wrong that has been done to us has been swallowed up in every right that Jesus has done and every wrong that has been done to Him.

What are some of the ridiculous or ridiculously profound things you’ve heard lately?

  • Jan Schu

    When my foster son (who recently got his drivers license) started speeding up when someone was passing him on a two-lane road, I said, “Don’t do that. It’s tacky.” That cracked him up.