Have Hope; Will Travel

with Katie Axelson

Holy Week Workbook

With social gatherings not permitted and everyone confined to our homes, it’s definitely a different kind of Easter this year.

A few years ago I was asked what my Easter traditions were. I laughed because my Easter tradition is typically “Find new people to spend Easter with.”

When I lived in North Carolina, flights were always expensive at Easter time, so flying home for the long weekend wasn’t always an option.

My local friends came to the rescue and I spent many Easters with their families.

This year the question isn’t “Who am I going to spend Easter with?” That’s the easy part. It’s the people living in my home and no one more.

The question is: “How am I going to make this Easter special?”

I could easily focus on all the “normal” things we’re not going to get to do.

The traditions that are being broken, the hymns that won’t be sung, and the delicious feasts that won’t be shared.

But reality is, Easter is about celebrating the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross and the beautiful power of His resurrection.

That reality does not change even if we cannot gather to celebrate it.

Let’s celebrate online together!

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Who knows, maybe it’s time to start a new Easter tradition.