Have Hope; Will Travel

with Katie Axelson

{Three} Surprised in the Journey

I doubt the shepherds were expecting middle of the night visitors. Luke says they were greatly afraid.

Yet they way they chose to react even in their fear is a model for us what it looks like to become more like Christ.

Podcast Highlights:

What do I do with the information I now know?

What if I don’t have to reconcile same same but different? What if the tension is actually a good thing?

 As I prepare my own heart for Christmas, am I willing to let the unexpected go from being fear-worthy to praise-worthy?

Plus something new I learned about the Christmas story while I was in Israel that the original hearers would have known and we totally miss.

Promised Links:

Jesus Shoes: Following His Footsteps Through the Latin American Mission Field.

Next week we’re back with a special guest.