We were never meant to do life alone. Stories worth telling demand opportunities to be told. So I’ve found a way to make a living doing just that.


It’s no secret I love to talk. It’s why I’ve learned to do it in three languages (English, Spanish, and ASL because I knew you were going to ask).

Mostly I love to talk about Jesus. From churches to small groups, school chapels to youth retreats, it’s so fun getting to see different groups of people encounter God in new ways.

Here are some of my favorite things to talk about:

  • Identity: Who you are in Christ and what that means for your life
  • Compassion: How we are releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name
  • Missions: What God is doing around the world and how you can be part of it
  • Your Pick: No one knows your audience better than you do



Deep inside of you there’s a piece waiting to be written, isn’t there? I can feel it. Whether it’s a book or a blog, I’d love to help you make it the best it can be.

Being entrusted with others’ work and being gifted the freedom to make them better is one of my favorite jobs in the world. It’s not one I take lightly. It’s a delicate art of constructive criticism and well-due affirmation.

Whether you’re in the beginning stages or you just need some final touch-ups, let’s journey together to make your piece better.


These days I mostly write for myself but if you’re nice, you could probably talk me into writing a piece for you. I’ve done copywriting, ghostwriting, grant writing, blog writing, social media marketing, blog guest posting, etc. Yeah, pretty much everything. Except songwriting. I definitely can’t do that.

You can find some of my writing scattered across the internet.

I like to eat. Every day. Many times. Some of the ways I can afford to do that are through speaking, editing, and writing. It’s a portfolio life–a little here, a little there. Since it all adds up, rates for each of these services are negotiable. Shoot me an email (KatieAxelson[at]gmail[dot]com) and let’s start a conversation.