Have Hope; Will Travel

with Katie Axelson

{16} Jamie Lee Shares Her Story As a Single Mom

Jamie Lee

Let’s hear the story of a single mom and how we can love her and her son well.

{15} Let’s Talk about Race [with Haley Lowe]

Haley Lowe {15}

It’s uncomfortable to talk about race, but it’s an important conversation. White people are supposed to enter the conversation about race–but to do so as learners. So today let’s learn from Haley Lowe as she shares her heart, her story, and her advice. Listen to this episode of Have Hope; Will Travel on iTunes, Spotify, […]

Exploring Ramadan With Farah

Have Hope; Will Travel journeys to Jordan to learn about Ramadan and Islamic culture from Farah.

When Monday Looks Like Saturday

We know the victory of Easter Sunday. We know the suffering of Good Friday. But about the life between the mountain tops and valleys: Saturday.

{12} Prayer for a Pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are all learning to pivot. Celebrate with us the beauty we’re seeing and join us in prayer over the hard.

{11} Experiencing Scripture

little girl get up

The secret to knowing God’s voice is to know what He sounds like as we see in scripture.

{10} Expect God to Show Up

God wants relationship with us

Ever since the beginning of creation it has always been God’s design to be in relationship with us. Which means when we sit down to encounter God, we can expect Him to show up.

{Nine} How to Encounter God

how to encounter God

Sometimes it’s hard to have a quiet time. Here are some suggestions to help you encounter God.

{Eight} It’s Hard to Look Like Jesus

Jesus was rejected

Sometimes we pray that we want to live like Jesus, and we forget that Jesus was rejected. Jesus didn’t call us to do what makes us happy.

{Seven} You Look Like Hope

What does it look like to live like Jesus in my life right now? What could it look like?