Have Hope; Will Travel

with Katie Axelson

{21} Loving Singles Well [Thoughts from a Single]

My insurance company said something rude to me about my singleness.

So I started a highly-scientific Instagram poll to prove them wrong.

And prove them wrong I did.

But I also opened a huge can of worms about singleness.

If you’re single, you get this. If you’re not, let me tell you: singleness hurts. It’s painful. It raises a lot of doubts, questions, and concerns.

What’s wrong with me?
How am I going to make ends meet?
What if I never get married?
How do I get them to stop asking if there’s someone special in my life?

The struggle is real!

In this episode, we unpack what it’s like to be a single adult. And by “we” I mean me. And by “unpack” I mean “lay it all out.” It’s raw, ya’ll. It’s honest, ya’ll. It’s real, ya’ll. Promise you’ll still be my friend after listening?

Using the thoughts and concerns from my Instagram friends, I also talk about how our married friends can love us well.

The episode is full of practical tips like share a meal with us, help us with a new-person house project, make sure we’re not spending holidays (or quarantine alone).

The solution to singleness is not to get everyone married.

It’s an open dialogue, asking for help, and being intentional in our relationships.

Isn’t that what everything is always about?

And as always, since the goal is to take one step closer to Jesus, the episode ends with some reflection questions to help us all:

What’s beautiful about my story?
Who in my life loves me well?
What do I need right now?
What are some practical steps I can take this week?
How have I seen God’s faithfulness this week?

Let’s dive in, friend. Remember–you promised to still be my friend. 😉

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