Love Letter From the Father

What if God wrote you a letter? What do you think it’d say? I think to think it’d say something like this.

Hey, Sweetheart, it’s so good to see you. It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

But it doesn’t matter. I’m glad you’re here now. I love the time I get to spend with you.

You are gorgeous. Do you know that? Do you really know that?

Honey, I know the body you see is broken, tattered, and worn.

It doesn’t work perfectly, has some loose or missing parts, and causes you frustration, but, My daughter, I knit you together way back before you were born.

This suffering wasn’t My design, and I’m so sorry it’s your experience. I can and will use it for good.

Better than that, I am using it for good—even right now.

I know you don’t believe Me, but let’s take a look.

Your smile—oh how I wish I saw it more—lights up your whole face. No one can have a bad day when you’re around smiling like that.

It lights up your eyes. Oh, your eyes, they’re so peaceful, so stunning. I can see My own reflection in your eyes. What a beautiful thing it is.

You look like Me, Baby Girl. Our resemblance is remarkable.

Oh and your voice, Sweetheart, if only you knew how often I borrow your voice to sing over My children.

Your voice sings My song without you even realizing it. Your voice sings My song even when you don’t want to move your voice up and down. Your voice sings My song in ways that you can’t even help. I love it!

You’re so smart, Little One. You don’t even realize it.

That brain I put inside your head can hold more information than you even imagine. It might not be testable information and it might not be social interactions but it’s My goodness, My love, My power that fills your head.

As we spend time together, you’ll learn more and more. I’ve got so much to teach you. To show you. To let you experience.

I want to blow your mind with our relationship.

It’s a bottomless pool of love I’m offering you. Every time you think you’ve found the end, let’s go deeper. Together.

Your heart—it’s strong. It can do so much more than just pump blood throughout your body. It feels, it breaks for what breaks Mine, it empowers and loves.

Your heart is My biggest resource within you; it’s My biggest concern. I keep a very, very close eye on your heart, and if something’s wonky, I want you to tell Me immediately. Not in fear but in eager expectation of what I can do.

Your lungs—breathe in and out the life I’ve gifted you. Every breath is worth cherishing.

Your lungs are designed to breathe in My grace and out My praise. You’re doing that well. We’ll keep growing together, and I’m going to keep breathing new life into your lungs.

Your hands are My hands. The touch you give is more than just from human to human. It’s a touch from Father to child.

Your touch is a representation of My love, a reminder of My presence. Use it for My glory even when that’s uncomfortable.

There are people I want to touch using your hands who wouldn’t let Me touch them through anyone else or in any other way.

Your feet, I know they’re sore, but they’re beautiful too because they bring My good news. No one and nothing can stop them—though the enemy will try—not when you’re following My invitation.

That’s all I offer you, Darling, an invitation. No orders, no commands, no rules. Just an invitation to follow Me to a fun party. RSVP or let it get lost on your counter, the invitation is still yours.

Even if you choose to ignore my invitation, I will still love you.

None of the beauty I see in you can even capture how much I love you.

Oh, Sweet Baby Girl, you are Mine. I’ve loved you since the moment you were born, since the moment you were conceived, since the moment you were dreamed of.

I have loved you since Jesus went to the cross. He did that because I asked Him to—for you.

Oh, Sweetheart, if you had been the only one, I still would have asked Him to die for you.

I want to spend every day with you.

Come here. Climb up into My lap. Rest your head on My chest. Let Me use My thumb to wipe those tears from your eyes.

This is reality. This is love.

Sweet Girl, I am so proud of you. Don’t you ever forget that. Thank you for being My delight.

Which of these words did you most need to hear from your Abba Father? Share in the comments. And ask Him who in your world needs to hear these words too. Either share this post with them or use your own voice to encourage and affirm her.