Jesus Shoes

God is doing marvelous things throughout the world. Through

In 2014 I got to see some of those things as I got to be His feet across Latin America.

I wish I could sit down with each one of you and tell you stories from last year.

Since you’re spread across the globe, this is the best I can do.

It’s an ebook of stories limited to one from each country. They’re my favorites and the ones that make my heart break.

What People Are Saying

“Jesus is using Katie in powerful ways in my life and in the lives of others. Jesus Shoes is full of compelling stories of how He used her, grew her, and wrecked her on the World Race so He could bring glory to His name across Latin America. What sets Katie apart from others having an impact on me and so many others is that she actually put some shoes on, left all that is comfortable and predictable, and went across the world to interrupt hopelessness, poverty, and death. Katie is not just a hearer of the word but a doer of the word and will be blazing a trail of hope that commands so many others to follow in her wake.” – Clint Bokelman, Adventures in Missions
Loving Jesus Shoes!!! God has truly blessed Katie with the gift of writing, as well as beautiful experiences to write about. Even the tough ones. Wow! I wish it was a book I could hand to people. – Doris Swift, Walking Deeper
In her introduction, Katie invites you to snuggle into your couch and travel the world with her. And that’s exactly what this eBook is. It’s an international appetizer sampler — bite-sized stories from 11 different Spanish-speaking countries, easy to take in, and completely satisfying. Katie is a beautifully honest storyteller — her stories are heartwarming and heartbreaking, funny and honest, wonderful and true. If you’ve ever been interested in missions, or just want to see how God is working in and through His messengers, I can’t recommend it enough! – Stephanie May Wilson, Author of The Lipstick Gospel

Get Involved

If you want to hear more about what God’s doing around the globe, I’d love to guest post on your blog, be interviewed on your podcast, come speak to your group, or whatever your need is. Let’s start a conversation: KatieAxelson(at)gmail(dot)com.

Read the Book

Grab a cup of coffee, put on your slippers, curl up in a blanket, and let’s travel the world together.

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