No one remembered exactly when the pair of steel-toed boots first appeared outside the kitchen door.

No one even remembered if they were there when the thirty-five of us arrived at our mission trip lodging center.

No one claimed them before the busses were loaded after a teary farewell and final hugs.

So I Vanna White-ed them in front of the bus window. No one leapt through the glass at me.

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I resolved to leave them on their perch outside the kitchen door but told the youth pastor how to reclaim them later if necessary.

“Nah,” he said. Even if months down the road one of his youth realized they were missing boots, he wouldn’t be calling to claim them.

“Bless somebody,” he said.

I don’t know what happened to those unclaimed steel-toed boots by the kitchen door, but I can only hope some future mission team utilized or distributed them.

I can only hope someone was blessed.

No, I can more than hope. I can trust.

See our God never wastes anything–not a hurt, a loss, a person or interaction, or even a pair of boots.

I can trust that those boots by the kitchen door were worn again. They were given in Jesus’ name and worn by someone who was in desperate need of them.

I can trust that someone was blessed.

Because it isn’t really about the boots.

It’s about the God who meets our every need. The God who anticipates problems and pitfalls and is there in the midst of them–sometimes with comfort and sometimes with a solution.

It’s about the God who provides–even when those provisions require use to be a little uncomfortable.

He provides both us and our stuff. He uses our boots to protect someone else’s toes.

The world changes when you realize everything can be a blessing–even a pair of abandoned boots by the kitchen door.

How can you bless someone today?

  • Dawn Muench

    Love this challenge Katie!

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