How to Bless on a Budget

Today for the first time in over 40 days, I went to the store and only purchased one thing.

For the last 40 days every time I bought something for myself, I had to also buy something for someone else. Seemed like a fair Lenten sacrifice for someone who’s already given up everything except that which fits on her back.

Yes, it means I maxed out my budget every month, chose to forgo that ice cream because I couldn’t afford two, or made awkward moments giving one person a gift over another.

But I also learned some valuable lessons about living in community… aka life in general.


1. Listen

Having to buy two things helped me notice who likes what kind of candy bar, who really wanted what, and who was hungry.

Ana wants a bottle of water so she can make lemonade.

Schuylar doesn’t like chocolate but is craving those chips.

Isa loves Rocky ice cream.

Each person a different need, a different chance to bless, to be brave, and to be bold

2. Sacrifice

If you can afford to buy one for yourself, you can afford to buy one for someone else too—especially when you’re shopping at a corner store in the third world.

Sure, sometimes it meant I couldn’t buy the most expensive ice cream (75cents) so that I could afford two cheaper ice creams.

Yet to see the look on someone else’s face when I handed her free ice cream was priceless.

3. Creativity

More than anything, blessing someone else just takes effort.

Every single day there’s a chance to make someone else’s day.

That’s what community is about: using what you’ve got to make someone else’s day.

If you’ve got time, sit with her and hear her story.

If you’ve got money, buy him a candy bar when you got to the store.

If you’ve got a fingernail clippers, let her use it even though her nails look moldy.

If you don’t have what you need, take the time to find it or find someone who does.

It’s about sharing what the Lord has blessed you with to bless someone else.

Turns out, making someone else’s day is easier than you’d think. Sometimes they even turn around and make yours back.

How can you bless someone with the gift of community today?

  • AmyKutz

    Dear Sweet Katie,

    You have blessed me so much through your blog posts! I can only imagine what a blessing you are to those you are with – not only those who God has placed in your path – but those you are serving Him with! I just continue to be amazed, proud, impressed, and filled with joy reading about all you are learning! I’ve shared a few with my teacher friends during staff devotions. We pray for you and your team.

    Know you are touching SO many more hearts than those you meet in your travels. That’s how the Holy Spirit works…so glad He’s using you!

    Be safe and strong spreading the Good News!
    He IS risen, indeed!
    Love, Amy

  • Gail

    Of all the Lenten sacrifices I’ve heard of, this is the best. More than the money, it was the effort to pick up something that someone else would appreciate! We done, Katie!

  • Lizzie L

    I love this! What a great way to use Lent to bless others too! 🙂

  • AWWWW! I wish I had thought of that! You have a beautiful spirit and mind! You surely reflect the Father!

  • Dennis

    Great job Katie
    I love you And I am ver proud of you

  • Mara

    I really really love this and have thought of this post many times over the last several days. You are really literally living out Luke 3:11 as well as Love Your Neighbor As Yourself.

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