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{22} Sowing in Tears: Grief and Redemption [Heather Enright]

One of the challenges of becoming an adult is learning to navigate our relationship with our parents now that we’re all adults.

In this episode, Heather Enright shares about redemption of the hard element of her transition to adulthood, how she loves her adult kids well (spoiler alert: care packages for the win!), and the importance of finding grace.

No experience is wasted if there’s a lesson learned.”

Heather also shares about her new book Sowing in Tears: The Father’s Heart to the Grieving which I have read (edited, actually) and adore!

It’s based on the book of Ruth and divinely timed to be released during a pandemic while we’re all grieving 2020 in some form or another.

As adults, our calling is to honor our parents, not obey our parents.”

Regardless of what your relationship looks like with your parents and regardless of how 2020 is treating you, this episode is worth a listen. It’s filled with truth, nuggets of goodness, and practical ideas.

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