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with Katie Axelson

{15} Let’s Talk about Race [with Haley Lowe]

It’s uncomfortable to talk about race, but it’s an important conversation.

White people are supposed to enter the conversation about race–but to do so as learners.

So today let’s learn from Haley Lowe as she shares her heart, her story, and her advice.

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Questions Addressed:

  • What is your preferred term?
  • Have you found a lot of people desiring to honor and respect you or do they push the topic aside?
  • What makes colorblindness a dangerous narrative?
  • Define: Black culture, community.
  • When you dream about the future, what does the church look like?
  • How do we create space for that leadership and for those voices?
  • What are some perspectives that you can think of that don’t get the airtime that they deserve?
  • Is discrimination something you’ve experienced?
  • How can we raise our awareness to our own prejudices?
  • How do we start conversations with our Black friend?
  • What is your perspective on Ahmaud Arbrey’s death?

Recommended Resources:

Beyond Color Blind: Redeeming our Ethnic Journey by Sarah Shin (book)

13th (documentary)

What’s the Gospel by Truth’s Table (podcast episode)

Connect with Haley

Instagram @HaleyAdara

Blog HaleyLowe.theworldrace.org

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