Have Hope; Will Travel

with Katie Axelson

{11} Experiencing Scripture

The secret to knowing God’s voice is to know what He sounds like as we see in scripture, so this week on the Have Hope; Will Travel podcast we’re unpacking a passage of scripture.

"Little Girl, I say to you 'Get up!'"

We’re reading Mark 5—the story of Jesus healing the woman with the bleeding disorder and raising Jairus’ daughter.

But a lot of the questions we’re asking can be applied to any passage of scripture.

Let’s read along together: Apple Podcasts, Spotify (also available on your favorite podcast app but we’d be here all day if I tried to link them all).

Reflection questions:

  • What did you notice that you’ve never noticed before?
  • What did you notice this time as if you were hearing the story for the first time?
  • Where do you see God in this story?
  • What’s grabbing your attention?
  • How are you hearing God speak?
  • Where are you in the story?

Let me know where God meets you in this passage.

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