Have Hope; Will Travel

with Katie Axelson

{Six} Detour in the Journey

In episode {Six} of Have Hope; Will Travel we talk about how if Christmas and Easter are the only things that matter and Jesus only came to die for our sins, He could have been killed in Herod’s rampage in Matthew 2 with all of the other little baby boys.

Instead, we get to learn to live like Jesus.


Scripture says time and time gain that Jesus taught, He preached, and He healed. After His resurrection, He gave us the command in Matthew 28 to do likewise.

But we live in a very different world than Jesus did. So what does it look like to live like Jesus?

Jesus taught the two greatest commandments are to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind, and to love your neighbor as yourself (Matthew 28, Deuteronomy 6, Leviticus 19).

But what does it mean?

You were born to be loved. Out of that love, we get to love others. As daughters of God, we get to speak on His behalf. To know His voice and to represent Him.

We get to love our neighbor—the person living next to us, the people we work with, and the cars on the highway merging at inopportune times.

We get to heal. More about that in upcoming episodes.

We get to encourage. To celebrate people with words of affirmation.

We get to rest knowing God doesn’t speak in shameful shoulds.

And when we get stuck, we get to remember previous times when God was faithful.

Like the time when there were ants in my tent.

It’s a well for me that I draw from when I’m having a hard time seeing God’s faithfulness.

God’s been faithful before. He will be again.

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