Have Hope; Will Travel

with Katie Axelson

{23} Evangelism Led by a Non-Christian [Casey Manko]

At Have Hope; Will Travel podcast we believe in getting to know people who think, live, and believe things that are different than we do. The world becomes a smaller place when we get to know others and can have open conversations.

This week I interviewed a good friend of mine who isn’t a Christian about what he believes, how he sees Christians, and what types of positive values he brings to the world.

Plus, Casey’s got some epic stories about evangelists who have tried to share the Gospel with him.

Let’s get to know Casey, hearing his heart and his story, and learn from him about what goes well and what doesn’t when Christians try to share the Gospel.

This episode changed me. And I hope it will for you as well.

Casey mentioned a band named Wookiefoot. Be sure to check them out

I will warn you: we talk about hard things in this episode. Caseys asks some real questions about God.

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Casey mentioned a band named Wookiefoot. Give them a listen.

What resonates with you from Casey’s story? What challenges you?