Have Hope; Will Travel

with Katie Axelson

{28} Where is God in Un-Healing? [Casey Jenkins]

Last episode we talked about healing. We shared stories of times when God has done the miraculous.

Yet that’s not how everyone experiences healing. Today a member of the Have Hope; Will Travel ministry team has stepped up to the mic to share her story of finding God’s goodness in “un-healing.”

You may not know Casey Jenkins by name, but if you’ve ever enjoyed an episode of Have Hope; Will Travel, you’ve felt her fingerprints.

She’s the first-listener on every episode released. The set of ears going “Hey, maybe you should rephrase that.” The hands diligently making sure every transcript is accurate.

She’s pretty awesome.

And she has undiagnosed shoulder pain.

In episode {28} she shares her story of what that journey of 24/7 pain has looked like for her and her husband, how she see God’s goodness in her life, and how her friends can be supportive.

Some of Casey’s answers surprised me. And her faith and generosity always amaze me.

There’s some really beautiful things that have come out of being in pain all the time. My understanding of miracles is so drastically changed. If God doesn’t choose to heal me, I think there can still be miraculous things that are happening. It doesn’t necessarily have to come through the supernatural. Therapy is a miracle. Medication is a miracle. Some days I’m still real mad about it. And being okay with the fact that I still have a lot of questions and a lot of struggles, doesn’t change God’s love for me and doesn’t risk my place as his daughter.

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How are you living a life that isn’t what you thought it would be?