Have Hope; Will Travel

with Katie Axelson

COVID from Nurse Practitioner Dr. Brie Thomas

Today on the podcast we’re traveling to New York to meet Dr. Brie Thomas, a Family Nurse Practitioner, to learn more about what she does and how COVID-19 has changed her world.

Brie and I spent 11 months together traveling to 12 different Latin American countries on a mission trip. It’s safe to say we have some great photos together. You might be able to talk me into sharing some of those on Instagram this week.

Back then, nursing school and living in New York City were just dreams for Brie, but now they’re her reality!

Getting to share her story on Have Hope; Will Travel was so much fun! I learned a lot about healthcare professions, and it was great to hear a friend’s perspective on the pandemic.

Be sure to listen to the end of the episode where Brie’s got a powerful word about the worth of every individual and the role we play in elevating others.

Find episode {17} on iTunes and Spotify or read the transcript.

Questions Addressed:

  • What was your journey to Family Nurse Practitioner?
  • What made you pick NP rather than PA, MD, DO, etc?
  • What types of value to NPs bring to the medical community?
  • What’s it like being a provider near a COVID-19 hot spot?
  • Have you had adequate PPE?
  • How do you see this pandemic resolving?
  • What do you wish everyone knew?

Join me in congratulating Dr. Brie, Class of 2020!