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with Katie Axelson

{One} Anna R. Bolch

This week Anna R. Bolch joins Have Hope; Will Travel in our journey towards Christmas.

I’ve known Anna since, well, confession time: she’s still in my phone under her maiden name. Anna is one of my favorite people because she’s got a beautiful heart for helping others connect with God. She has a gift to be able to take complex things and make them sound so simple–take a listen and you’ll see what I mean!

This week she’s helping us prepare our hearts for Christmas we become more like Jesus through practice. She offers us straightforward activities we can do in our everyday lives.

It all focuses around two questions:

1. What do I want most out of this season?

2. What frustrates me the most about this season?

The intersection between those two answers is the discipline worth exploring for you this Advent.

We’re all busy in December. So Anna suggests we try a simple rhythm like meditating on scripture or lighting a candle on a wreath.

Plus, she talks about how, yes, we are preparing our hearts for the Messiah who came but Advent is also about Christ’s return to restore the earth for His glory.

Who knew?

Join us this week practice becoming more like Jesus—it doesn’t have to be perfect. Listen to the episode.

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Connect with Anna R Bolch on Instagram and on her blog. She’s got a great reading plan for Advent! Plus here’s the spiritual practices guide we promised.

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